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Additional Ways to Earn Money from Score88poker

micatrungbay.comAdditional Ways to Earn Money from Score88poker

You must be familiar with the online poker; I bet you even know all the tricks and strategies that make you the perfect online poker player there is. But what if I tell you that you can earn a lot more than what you were winning earlier. You can earn all this extra money by not playing more and more but by deploying some additional methods.

These are promoting and referring the poker online on various other platforms and among your friends and family. Consider this as an example, your total winnings for the day is 20,000 Indonesian Rupiahs. Added to it if one other person has joined the game because of your promotion then you will get an extra 15% of the winning amount credited to your account.

That’s the beauty of this portal, by referring the game just one person you winning will increase by 3000 Indonesian Rupiahs. Not only this, the person who joins the game also gets a new member bonus of 10% on the amount paid for signing up on the website. The initial amount is 10,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, the rest depends on you how much you can add to it.

For promoting the game you can choose among various social media websites. These sites can be Facebook, Twitter, any forum which discusses these online games, a blog and via email.

Out of all these methods, Facebook is the most potent and can help you spread the message to farthest limits. There are billions of people on Facebook, it is impossible to be friends with all of them. But even if you have 1000 or more friends on Facebook there are 1000 more chances of getting that extra bonus money.

The second most potent method can be sending the link via email, as even if people may not check their Facebook or Twitter page every day but they will check their email account regularly. Through your link more the number will join on the platform higher will be your earnings. Other methods like a blog that you operate and write on regularly can also enable your followers to join and giving you the extra benefit.

After all this referrals and promotions if you want to check the details you just need to log in with your account details on and check the commissions and referral bonus in their respective tabs. Keep in mind that the withdrawals from these accounts can only be done on Thursdays.

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