Poker - September 29, 2018

Did You Hear About the Score88poker Jackpot?

micatrungbay.comDid You Hear About the Score88poker Jackpot?. It is overwhelming when we receive a ton of money altogether. Sometimes we cannot even think what to do with all the money earned in a matter of minutes. You may think of getting a big car or even getting a new house for yourself. After spending a lot of money, you may be still left with a lot more than that. That’s the amount of money the online poker games can get you.

Yes, online poker is such a medium to earn quick money with which you can earn and enjoy at the same time. With playing a simple poker with low stakes you cannot earn much, but by playing a jackpot poker or jackpot domino or even jackpot ceme, there is no limit to the money you can earn. Higher the investment higher will be the reward.

Out of the three jackpots, the Texas poker jackpot is the most famous and it also gives you a higher chance of winning. Before playing a Texas jackpot you need to make an account on situs poker and fill in all the information. You need to take care of certain things and follow some rules to get the prize money that you can win by playing it:

  1. 10 times the investment: in this, if you have bought the jackpot package for say 1000 Rp. Then your winnings will 10 times more than this. It will be 10,000 Rp. To win this amount you need to have a full house hand.
  2. 250 times the investment: the four of a kind hand will increase your winnings by 250 times. If you have invested the same 1000 Rp, then your winnings will go to 250,000 Rp.
  3. 1200 times the investment: consider this, your prize amount will be multiplied by such a number which is way more than the amount you have invested. For instance, if you have invested 1000 Rp, the money that you can win will be 1,200,000.
  4. 10000 times the investment: to bring you on par with royalty, the royal flush hand will increase your winnings by 10000 times. If you have invested 1000 Rp, then just multiply the number with 10000 and see how much you can earn with it.
  5. 30000 times the investment: well, the best is kept for the last, in the super royal flush; your initial investment will be multiplied with 30000. If the initial investment is 1000, the winnings can go till 30,000,000.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now on score88poker and start winning.

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